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Anyone who's worked on a professional video knows the importance of a proper white balance (You don't wan't that footage to look unintentionally oversaturated with blues or yellows). Anyone with style knows the importance of having a basic white tee in their wardrobe (It matches/clashes well with almost anything, or serves as the prefect undershirt). Anyone who's ever worked hard for a paycheck knowns the value of an affordable product ($10 for a shirt is about as affordable as it gets for apparel). What we're trying to say is that the Hella Grip White Balance Tee is for anyone and everyone (especially if you're not a fan of reppin' large brand logos on your shirt).

  • Official OG Sloth tag, located on the front (bottom) 
  • 52% Cotton, 48% Polyester for a superior drape
  • 4.3 oz